Issue #5
The Chris and Walt Newsletter by C.J. Sage
Happy New Year
Welcome to my monthly newsletter. This month has some pretty interesting stuff (I think). I actually have some questions in the quiz section this time!

Anyway, sit back and enjoy.

C.J. Sage

C&W Quiz

Strip Trivia

1) What police branch is Dag with?
2) Who was the last person to accuse Dag before Skinner exploded?
3) Where did Dag find Walt's wallet

In the last newsletter I forgot to answer the question:
How many strands of hair does Skinner have?
This month I have the answer.
Answer at the bottom!
Behind the Scenes
Hi! This month I'll start telling you about my Chris and Walt timeline. Basically, the timeline is a documentation of all the Chris and Walt stuff I have done. From the first C&W drawing to today.

I think it was around two years ago, in the summer of 1996, when I started taking a real interest in drawing investigator-kind of comics. First, I had a few ideas with a character named Frank Sleuth (below, left). I started writing some short stories with the Frank Sleuth character; then I began drawing other characters for the series. One of the characters was a funny, wise-cracking character, I named him Walt, after Walt Disney (below, right).


I later decided that I didn't really like the Frank Sleuth character, but I did like the Walt character. So, I refined the Walt character, and gave him a less cartoonish and crazy look. Since Walt was a comical character, I figured that this new series I was creating should have a down-to-earth main character. To create this new character I took the Frank Sleuth character, moved the bump in his hair back to make him look older, and then gave him a bigger nose and smaller eyes. Now that I had my new character, I needed a new name. The first thing I thought of my a variation of my name: Chris! Below on the left I have my first drawing of Chris; and then on the right, my new refined Walt.


I had a pair of main characters, but that was it, and I still needed a story. So, come back next month, and I'll pick up from there and talk about my first actual drawings of Chris and Walt in a strip. Oh, and you may notice that Walt still looks different from today, I'll also talk about his remaining changes.

The Story (so far).

Chris steps in to the delecate and tries to calm tempers, by recommending that they don't make any accusations, but fails. Skinner tries to input some facts into the barrage of assumptions, but is quickly misinterpreted by Walt. Albert takes a stab at calming things down, but a slip of the tongue pushes Skinner to far. Finally he (Skinner) orders Dag to clear up the whole ordeal, by telling them who he is.

Answers to the C&W Quiz

1) The investigations branch under the bushes.

2) Albert, he accidentally called him a thief.

3) "In the bushes"

--Oops!! Answer--
He has three hairs.

Have a good February!
I Hope you enjoyed reading this months newsletter. I look forward to making the next one! Bye!

C.J. Sage

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