Issue #9
The Chris and Walt Newsletter by C.J. Sage
Happy August! Enjoy this month's newsletter.

C.J. Sage

News Flash!
C&W Quiz

1) What time did Chris' phone ring?
2) What kind of phone does Chris have?
3) What's Chris' room number?
4) What kind of magazine is Walt reading?
5) What is the name of the policeman Chris and Walt meet at the museum door?

Here is another example of the digital fixing I do to my strips when there is something wrong. In this strip there are some pretty visible problems. Can you find them?

So with a few little digital tricks I was able to help it look better.

The Story (so far).

Dag, growing tired of the conversation, leaves to go back to his car. Chris and Walt leave the scene too. The next morning, Chris is awoken by his phone. It's Skinner, with some bad news, the museum was robbed. After hanging up, someone rings his doorbell. Chris goes to see who it is; it's Walt. Walt had come over to tell Chris of the robbery, but Chris informs him that he already knows. Chris excuses himself to go and change into regular clothes. While he does he and Walt discuss the robbery. Finally, they decide to go down to the museum, and talk to Skinner. They get to the front door of the museum and are met by Roberts. After a very short chat, they enter the museum. Inside, they see Albert talking with Jamie. Chris greets them . . .

Answers to the C&W Quiz

1) It's kind of hard to tell, but it's either 6:10 or 2:30. I meant 6:10.

2) A rotary phone.

3) 109.

4) A science magazine.

5) His name is Roberts.

Thanks For Reading.

I Hope you enjoyed reading this months newsletter. See you next time. Bye!

C.J. Sage

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