9/97's Newsletter

Issue #1
The Chris and Walt Newsletterby C.J. Sage
As you all know this is my very first newsletter. Sorry I took so long to get it to you. In this little welcome here, I will tell you what the newsletters are.
The newsletter, I'm hoping can be a fun thing, with C&W quizzes, articles about the comic, ideas I have, and new characters. Soon, I even hope to have a newsletter all about my process of making my comics! The news letter will be a monthly feature. Of course, if there is anything you would like to see on the newsletter just e-mail me with your idea at: sanctuarypdx@gmail.com and I'll see what I can do. Enjoy!
C.J. Sage
Behind the Scenes
This month's (and the first) "Behind the Scenes" is all about some of my comics crazy ideas, and where they come from. The first strange idea I'll talk about is the bread.

As you all know, it's not every day someone pulls two slices of bread out of their pocket. Nor does it happen in a comic often. So, here's the story on that. I knew that I wanted Walt to lose his wallet so that he would think it was stolen. My original idea was to have Walt just not find his wallet when he went to look for it, and maybe it dropped under the couch or something. Then my Dad came up with the idea of Walt pulling out bread in place of a wallet, and I used it.

Another one is the strange names of the food places. Let's start with Taco Binge. That interesting name is just a strange spin-off off of Taco Bell. The next restaraunt name has a lot more background: Chick Chick Chicken. That name is from an song from 1926 called "Chick Chick Chick Chick Chicken (lay a little egg for me)," by Ted Weams So as you can see I abreviated the name just a tad, to get the restaraunt's name.
C&W Quiz
1)What is Chris and Walt's landlady's name?

2)Where did Walt end up leaving his wallet?

3)What did Walt need to change before he left his apartment?

4)Who does Walt want to pay back?

5)Who runs the museum?

Answers at the bottom!

The Story (so far).

Walt told Chris about his adventure, when investigating the market robberies at the market. Later at the market when Walt needed his wallet to pay for damages to a booth, he finds that in place of the wallet are two slices of bread. Luckily Skinner comes to the rescue and pays. While telling this to Chris, Walt accidentally knocks over his glass of water. Chris, eager to get a drink, offers to get some drinks and make lunch. When he goes for the bread, he finds Walt's wallet in the bread. Walt is happily reunited with his wallet and offers to buy lunch. While walking to a newly opened resturaunt, Chris stops unexpectdly to buy a newspaper. The paper as an article by their reporter friend, Rollins. The article is about a country- wide museum robbery ring. Chris also notices an ad for their friend Albert's new museum exhibit. So they decide to check it out after lunch. Later, they arrive at "Chick Chick Chicken" and are seated. Chris orders, Walt is still deciding...

Answers to the C&W Quiz

1)Mrs. Green

2)In his bread bag

3)His tie clip

4)Sgt. Skinner


I hope you enjoied my first newsletter. Remember this is a monthly feature. In the next few months, I hope to ( as mentioned) post a newsletter all about how I create my comic strips. But, most of the months will be like this. With a Quiz, story so far, behind the scenes, and also hopefully a feature article.

Agin if you have any ideas, please tell me, I am eager to hear:sanctuarypdx@gmail.com .

C.J. Sage

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