10/97's Newsletter

Issue #2
The Chris and Walt Newsletter by C.J. Sage
Hi fans! Welcome to my second newsletter! As you might know, I had a few problems getting it out. All I was doing was trying to spell check it, when somehow I erased my new newsletter, and replaced it with the old newsletter. Well, after checking backup files, trying to find it, and not, I just had to do it all over.

This month I have some pretty neat stuff for you. I have more behind the scenes fun, and an all new quiz. I hope you enjoy! Sorry about the delay.

C.J. Sage

C&W Quiz

Strip Trivia

1) How many museums have been robbed in all?

2) What does Chris order at "Chick Chick Chicken"?

3) What page does Walt eventually order?

Character Profile Trivia

4) Fill in the blanks: "He (Walt) sometimes can often be found with a ______ __ _____ _______ in his coat pocket..."

5) Chris may seem like a pretty down to earth guy, but he does have one little quirk. What is it?
a) He can't concentrate very well
b) He has problems with electronics
c) He often has a craving for tacos

Answers at the bottom!

Behind the Scenes
Hey! I'm sure you will all enjoy this months "Behind the Scenes"! This month I'll be talking about how I created my story and I'll also tell you about how I draft my strips out. Enjoy!

Well, the Chris and Walt adventure you are reading right now in the strip is not the very first story I've ever written with Chris and Walt in it. The first story I wrote with them was a more action packed plot with chases and all that stuff. It was exciting, but I didn't think there was enough story and comedy. So I started writing a new story, I liked it much better. I had a pretty good balance of comedy, and action. After revising the story one or two times I finally got one I really liked, and one that made sense.

Below are pages from my drafts. The hand written one on the left, is my original draft. The one on the right, is my most recent draft.

As you can see the typed on is much more true to the story you are reading, and is much more detailed.

After I finished drafting the story out the next step was to start drafting the strips. Basically, I draft the strips the way I want them to appear when I finally draw them. The drafts are not final, I will even sometimes change the picture when I am drawing the final, or even I'll add, remove, and re-arrange whole strips! The wording isn't final either, sometimes I may need to remove words because they don't fit, or I'll change phrases because I've thought of something better.

Below I have some strip drafts the page on the right, you should recognize from the story, but the one on the right is from later in the story.

I hope you enjoyed this look at how I drafted my story, and I draft my comics. Next month I hope to continue talking about my strip-building process.

Just for fun, I wanted to show you an old Chris and Walt page. It is from a story that I started two summers ago, but never finished I only did eight or nine pages. This was before the webpage, and before I even started drafting a story. In fact I never drafted any of this old story; each page was done without any drafting.

The Story (so far).

After deciding on his order Walt remembers he wanted to pay back Skinner. While not meaning to be a pain, Walt tells Chris. Before Chris can recover, Walt spots Rollins. Walt gets Rollins attention, and invites him over. Chris and Rollins talk of the museum robberies. Rollins informs Chris that there were 2 more robberies recently. As they are talk, the food comes. Rollins leaves but not before dropping in his theory on how Albert's new exhibit is a likely next target for the thief.

Walt eats most of his meal but decides to take some chicken for the road. Chicken in his coat pocket, Walt leaves the restaurant with Chris, ready to head on to the museum.

Before going to the museum, Walt wants to stop off at Skinners office to pay Skinner back. Unfortunately, Skinner had just left.

Answers to the C&W Quiz

1) 14

2) French fries and a soda pop.

3) Page 4!

4) bucket of fried chicken
Character Profiles: Walt
5) The correct answer is b) He has problems with electronics.
Character Profiles: Chris

I hope you enjoyed my second newsletter. I had a troubled time getting it to you. Hopefully that won't happen much. Well I look forward to next months, and I hope you do to, bye!

Again if you have any ideas, please tell me, I am eager to hear:sanctuarypdx@gmail.com .

C.J. Sage

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