Well, it's December already! I am going to be taking a little break this month, at least until Christmas, to catch up on some drawings. I will have a new strip for you Christmas weekend, after Christmas. Don't worry though, I have prepared a special holiday strip for you.


Finally, the 3rd Newsletter is here! Also, after quite a while, the Rollins, Skinner, and Albert Character Profiles are here; plus a new strip!


Sorry about the delay with the newsletter and the character profiles. The newsletter and the real character profile of Rollins (maybe even Albert and Skinner) should all be out by next upload. So stay tuned; and in the meantime, check out the new strip!


In addition to a new strip, I have added something new to the site. Now when you load up a strip from the comics browser you might notice that there are some links below the strip. The first is: "Next Strip"; this will let you jump to the next strip without going back to the browser. The next link is: "The Browser"; this link just saves you the trouble of punching the "back" button.

Here, try it! You can even go through all the strips so far.

Page 1


My new newsletter is finally here after many problems! Check it out!


I have a new newsletter! So come on and see it. Of course I have a new strip! Don't forget to look at my new picture on the picture gallery!


What's new this week is a new strip, and don't forget to look at my new newsletter.

P.S. I won't mention each new strip in the messages each week. You will just have to check back each week. The update date is for the messages page.


Finally!!!! I have my first newsletter out! Come see it!!!!!! Don't forget, there is also a new strip!


Hello, I've returned. What's new is that I have a image link to my picture gallery on my homepage. Plus, on the picture gallery I have some pictures from my mountain trip. And also, you may notice that my "See this weeks strip" link on my homepage now will take you to the big strip.


Soon after I come back from this trip, I will hopefully put some pictures from my Outward Bound, backpacking trip! And give you a new strip in the progressive adventures of Chris and Walt! Later!

P.S. Don't fret, I'll have a newsletter out for you soon!

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