Well, I have a couple of new pictures on my pictures gallery, at the bottom of the page. Don't forget the new strip, enjoy.


Hello there! I have a new newsletter out for you to read! Don't forget to check out the new strip! Have fun!


Hi, this quick message is just to let you know that I have added a cool new feature to my characters page, check it out! Plus, a new newsletter will be out soon.


Hello, I've been gone for a while and wasn't able to upload before I left. What I've updated is strip 11-4 I've changed a panel, I redid strip 12-2 and added more detail, then of course there's a new strip! Enjoy!


I'm back already, I just wanted to tell you about a new picture on my Picture Gallery, have a look.


Hi, I have a new strip, and I also have a new newsletter. So check them out.


Hello, this is just a quick message telling you that I have some new links at the bottom of my authors page. Bye!


Hi, every one! It has been a little over a month since my last message. Since then I have put up more strips (I'm into page 11!!!), there is a new pic of me in the author page, I've made some graphical changes to my homepage, put up a new character profile, and there is a new newsletter! So, remember to check them all out, bye!


Well, it's '98! This month I have some new stuff. First I have a new strip . Next, I have an all new newsletter. I hope you enjoy them, next month I'll have a new character profile.


I'm back! I hope you all had a enjoyable holiday time. Well, this month I have a new strip for you, hope you enjoy. Next week when I upload it will be 1998, and I will have a new newsletter for you. By the way, the special Christmas strip is now in the Picture Gallery.

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