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Hello, welcome to the messages page! This page is where I will post all information about any new added sections or pages.



OK...remember when I said the summer would be less busy? Well, I was wrong. But I haven't forgotten the site...I'm still drafting new strips.


This has been a busy term. I am soon going into a less busy summer, so I will be getting back into things soon.


Hey, I'm working on a new strip, I'm sorry for the long delay. It's been a whole term! I'll have it up ASAP. Thanks for continuing to check back.


This has been a very difficult year, but at times very important. I however have a new strip. Have a good Christmas, and new year...


Hi, I just wanted to drop a message saying that I am still here. Currently I am trying to orchestrate the current scene as well as I can. I have a lot of possible ways to do it, that's a good and bad thing. So, in short, I'm still here, strips will be produced. Have a good summer, keep checking back!


Sorry for the long wait, but a new strip has been uploaded! It's the summer time, I've got a job, and a lot more time. So expect more strips!


A new strip has been uploaded! I have altered page 31, so please check out the entire page. I flipped a few strips around for the sake of flow. I am currently on spring break, and am trying to take it easy after a long term.


Happy delayed New Year! It seems to have been a non-stop busy year so far for me, but Chris and Walt are still always in my mind. Anyway, check out my new strip and a new picture on my author page! Take care!


Merry Christmas! I hope every one has a great end of the year, and enjoys my new strip!


Hi! I just wanted to let everyone know that I have moved back to college and am currently engaging in ALL day training to be a Resident Assistant. Therefore, my room is a mess and I will slowly be working on a new strip. So, check back every now and then!


There is a new strip up! I hope everyone has a meaningful September 11th, and can say a prayer for those whose loved ones were murdered and for the country.


The new feature is here!
Today is the grand opening of the Chris and Walt Store!
Check it out!


I forgot to mention that I got my tonsils out! So my throat has been super sore recently, and my parents have been making fun of my attempts to talk. They say I sound like Michael Jackson . . . they're always making fun of me. I'm not the only one, however, with a medical issue. My Dad has been having some problems too.


Howdy! I have just uploaded a new strip, and am very excited about it because it is the first strip of page 30! This means that I have reached the last page of the first half of the first Chris and Walt story! Well, enjoy the strip and keep checking back; I may update the pic gallery soon. Oh, and I haven't forgotten about my new feature mentioned in the last entry! Take care.


Hi all, I just wanted to alert everyone to a new coming feature of my page. I will not yet divulge it, but I want to warn you all to keep an eye out for it!


I've added a new picture to thePic Gallery. When you go there you may notice that I have fully altered the gallery. I have separated all the pics by media type, but the picture "homepage" will always contain the six newest images.


Finals are done, and *Trumpet Fanfare* there is now a new strip! I finished it today at 10am while doing my laundry before coming home for spring break. Oh, and by the way, don't forget to check out the new pic. on the picture gallery if you haven't already.


Hi, just wanted to update you all on the status of the next strip. I have drafted it and am currently doing the panels. However I have two finals on thursday, so I have a fair amount of studying to do, but am making a point to budget time for Chris and Walt. So hang on!


Hi all readers! Right now finals are coming up, so things have been pretty busy, but I am currently in the process of creating the next strip. It will be up next week, or possibly this weekend. Take care till then.


There's a new strip up! Sorry for the wait, enjoy!


Hi, things are getting pretty busy here at school, I'm working on a new strip currently, and will be putting in much time this weekend. Thanks for your patience.


A new strip has been uploaded. Sorry for the wait. Ejoy!


Hello all. You may notice that there is not a strip. I have been loaded with a few hundred pages of reading since I got back, and also, I am having some technical difficulties. So, keep checking back weekly or bi-weekly, and hopefully things will be all panned out by then. Bye!


Happy New Year!!! Here's a new strip! Also, my contact e-mail has been changed to sanctuarypdx@gmail.com. Lastly, I return to school this Saturday, so it may really be two weeks before a new strip, but keep checking back.


Merry Christmas! Well, I'm back. Alot has happened since my last post; I've started college, gotten engaged, and most importantly, I've gotten my act together, and The Adventures of Chris and Walt are BACK!!! Strips will be posted in a regular fashion again (although I'm not entirely sure how I will scan my drawings on campus). I have completed and revised a thorough outline of the story, and am currently drafting page 29. So check back at least bi-weekly (just to be safe) and there shall be a new strip!

By the way I have posted a whole new page, so don't go to the "newest strip". Start at the comics browser. Also there been other minor updates on the author's page,and the links page. Take care, enjoy page 27, and have a meaningful Christmas.


Well, I'm still alive, and I'm 18 now. I participated in my first election, what a one to start with, eh? Oh well, I've been doing a lot of doodles in class lately, I've uploaded one of them to the picture gallery. I'll keep them coming hopefully. Also, there's some new stuff on the author page.


Hey there. Guess what? I have two big news items.
1) I'll be 18 in 5 days! and
2) I have a whole new page for you to read!!


Here's a new strip, an overly long time in the making. I'm working on trying to keep a good pace. Enjoy.


MERRY CHRISTMAS! (well, eventually)


Right now I'm doing some outlining. So I can make sure I clearly know where the story's going. So, when I get things straight (soon) I start on a new strip.


Hi, sorry for the long wait. I have a strip in the final "stages" right now, so check back soon.


Hey there, I've now started my Junior year at Clackamas H.S.! I have a new picture gallery picture, and hopefully have a strip soon . . .


Hi, I don't have a strip. The reason is I've been working on these Chris and Walt gift pictures. I'm using my new prisma color markers. I'm trying to get them done before I go to a show. So, all my art time is going towards them. Keep checking back!


Hi! I have a new strip , and a new picture gallery picture now!


Two things: I'm 17! And I have a new strip!


Guess what! I have a new strip!. So, check it out. I'm out of school now (that means more art time), and done with my sophomore year. Also, I'll be 17 in 13 days!


Hey, I have a new author's page picture. It's finals time at school, but keep checking back for a new strip!


Well, here's a new strip! Finally! The school year's almost over, so I'll have more time soon. Enjoy! - C.J.


Hi there! I have some cool new picture gallery pictures out of my sketch book


Sorry it took me so long to get that strip out. I've been really crammed lately, but here it is!


Okay, this is pretty straightforward:
There is a new strip.
I repeat:
There is a new strip!


Well, finally it's SPRING BREAK!!! You know what that means? It means I'll have some time to catch up on my strip! Lately, I've been loaded down with homework, so I haven't had much time at all. However, I do have FOUR new picture gallery pictures to tide you over, and to let you know I'm still alive. Next time you read a message here, it should be saying I have a new strip (I have the new one planned out, by the way). Until then, bye!

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