Issue #11
The Chris and Walt Newsletter by C.J. Sage
Welcome to the first Newsletter of '99 !
Hi, I had some time, so I decided to attempt a new newsletter. Enjoy!

C.J. Sage

C&W Quiz

Strip Trivia

1) What does Chris drop?
2) What was Skinner's reason for not letting Chris have a look at the security system?
3) The piece Walt picked up from the evidence pile: what was the name of the specific exhibit from it was from?
Behind the Scenes
Hi, it's been a while. I had two topics I thought I could talk about, they were: 1) Why I've been taking a while on the last few strips, and 2) What's going on in my art life, aside from C&W. The only problem is that neither of them, I think, could make a full BTS. So, I'll do them both!

What's been going on with the strip is that I've been at a crucial part in the story. The office scene is kind of a milestone in the story, because (without giving too much away) I've planned it out to be such that the story will really pick up in terms of story development from here on. Another thing that has been influencing the timing of the strips is school, and my weekly schedual. It's been semester time so, that was time consuming. Also, as you could have guessed, time management is also another problem.

A lot right now is going on in my art life. I'm still doing the internship, and trying to go further with that. Also, my design class that I was taking last semester has now become drawing. One thing I'm really looking forward to, is my first real art class (aside from school classes)! I'll be taking a class at Pacific Northwest College of Art starting 2/20. It's called: "You your portfolio, and art school." Now, I don't plan on going to an art college, but I do want to develop a portfolio, and that's what this class is going to help me do. In the class, they won't just tell you what you should have in a portfolio, but make you create works things for one. It should be pretty enjoyable.

The Story (so far).

The next morning, Chris is woken up by his phone. Unfortunately, it's bad news: The museum was robbed. Chris and Walt head on down to the museum, and on the way, have a chat about doing another stakeout. At the museum, they meet up with Skinner, Albert, and Jamie. They discuss the good job the criminal did, then decide to regroup at the precinct and go over the evidence.
Elsewhere, two men talk about the robbery. One of them, the criminal, decides that after things cool down a bit, he'll go back and finish the job.
At the precinct, they get down to business (after a few problems). Skinner asks Walt to have a look at the evidence pile. After a little searching, Walt notices something. It's a piece from one of the exhibits. Chris and Walt ask a few questions about it, then retreat off into a corner to talk.
Finally, Rollins arrives. After a little small talk, he gets right down to business. Then Chris interrupts Skinner's interview with a proposal . . .

Answers to the C&W Quiz

1) Dag's walkie-talkie.

2) He didn't really say his reason in words, but a picture's worth a thousand words, or maybe just a few: He was afraid that Chris would destroy it.

3) The piece was from the Burial Mask Trio piece set.

I Hope you enjoyed reading this month's newsletter. Sorry it took so long. See you next time. Bye!

C.J. Sage

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