Hi, I'm just posting a message to say I don't have a strip right now, and I know I don't have a new strip. I'm working on it though, so check back soon!


Alright, alright. So my dad is right, I uploaded the below message on 2/28, but labeled it 3/1. My reasoning for that was that I figured that NO ONE WOULD BE LOOKING AT MY PAGE AT 10 OR 11 IN THE EVENING, AND THEY WOULD SEE IT TODAY WHEN IT IS 3/1!* . . . , but I forgot about my dad. Oh well, but it really is 3/1 now and I have a new strip, so check it out (I'm now really getting into the meat of the story now). Enjoy!

* If you are confused, think I'm insane, and have no idea what I'm talking about, check my guestbook. Better yet SIGN IT!!!! please -C.J. Sage


Hi there, I'm still here. I'm working on my strip I'm in the text phase right now. All that's left it to get the exact words, and put them in. So, check back in a few days.


Guess what!! . . . I have a new newsletter!!! Plus, there's a new picture gallery picture!


Just coming on to let you know there's another new picture gallery pic up! By the way, I'm working on the new strip. I think I have having comic-writers block.


Well, I'm having difficulties on this next strip, plus I had a busy week. So, it may be a little delayed. Keep checking back. -C.J.

P.S. There's a new picture gallery pic.


WooHoo! I'm on page 20!!!


The new strip is up! Also, there is a new picture gallery picture. Enjoy.


Hi, Just letting you know that I'm still here. The new strip should hopefully be out by tomorrow. I was having some real trouble with the first panel, of the next strip. It connects to the rest of the story, so I had to think hard about it. It took longer than it should have, sorry. Right now, I have all of the panels done, and colored; so I'm ready to put the strip together. Check back tomorrow evening, and it should be there. Then, I'll be back to my regular about every one week schedule. -C.J.


Happy New Year!


Hope you all had a good Christmas. I'm back with a new strip; the last one of '98! So read up, enjoy, and I'll be back next year.


This is just a quick message saying that I have a new picture gallery picture. Hope you all have a good Christmas or holiday, I should have a new strip up after Christmas.


Happy December everyone! I'm happy to report that I have a new strip. Oh, and I'm now on page 19! There is also a new picture on the picture gallery.


I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. This message is just to inform you of my new strip. Have fun reading.


Hey there, I have a new strip, check it out. I should have another strip up in the next 2 weeks. Oh, and the 1st quarter is over for school (yay!). Have a good Thanksgiving!


This is a very quick message to say something I forgot to say in my 10/23 message. I forgot to convey that I probably wouldn't and won't have a strip out for a while. Again, the reason is because I'm at a crucial part in the story, and I want the strips to make sense and be high quality. So, I won't create a strip until I have the whole scene reasonably drafted out. But, any neat pictures that I draw in the meantime I'll put on my picture gallery.


This message has two purposes: 1) To tell you of my new picture gallery picture, plus new / revised animated-gifs on the browser; and 2) To apologize for the poor quality of the past few strips, in terms of dialogue. I had a gag in mind, but I just didn't execute it in a very intelligent way. So, it ended up being clunky and dumb. Also, this whole scene plays a BIG part in the story and I'm having a hard time finding a way to present it that isn't boring, stupid, and/or cheesy. Anyway, I'm writing this to convey to you, the readers (if you're still out there), that I realize the quality has been slipping, and that I am working to bring it back up to past standards. Oh, and I'm considering making the newsletter quarterly or something like that. Mainly because I'm currently having a hard time coming out with just a strip, and I figure I should pay more attention to my strip rather than the newsletter.


This is just a message to tell you what's going on with the page. I must to admit that I have not been managing my time spent with social, art, and school to well recently. However, I am trying to get things back together, and have no intentions of shutting the page down. So, keep checking back, and I'll have a new strip out in a matter of days. Oh, and I am happy to also report that I have all A's, I believe.


Well, I've started the 10th grade. Everything there is going wonderfully! I have a new strip for you. Oh, and I decided that having a page for every 10 messages is stupid, so I now just have them all on one other page.


I'm only leaving this message because I've uploaded a new strip. I know I said I wouldn't do this, but it's been a while since I've uploaded one, so I figured I'd better. Enjoy it. I'm working on becoming more consistent . . .


Hi, this message is about the messages page. You may have noticed that it loaded quicker than usual. The reason for that is that I've split the messages into pages of 10. Now there should be not much more then 10 messages on the messages page. At the bottom of this page, you will notice a directional link. This is for anyone who wants to see the old messages. Also, I now I have a new strip! I am done with page 16, and a few strips away from the end of part one of the story (there are four parts).


I just returned from a trip. I will have a strip up as soon as I can. I have uploaded a new picture of me. They are on my authors page . Also, I have two new picture gallery pictures that I drew on the trip.


Hey there. Just posting this message to say I have created a new directional graphic to my page. Now the individual strip pages are even more visually stimulating! Here try it, you can go through the story without having to bother with the comic browser. Just click on this: Story Start. I also have a new newsletter and strip. Enjoy.


Just wanted to say I have a new strip and am working on an August newsletter. By the way, in case there was this problem, I wanted to clear it up. I don't always update the messages when I put a new strip up. So, still check every week for a new strip, regardless of when the messages were updated.


Hello, I am now 16!!! I now have a new picture of me on my author page.


I have a new strip out! Also, in just a few days (June 30) I'll be 16!!!!


Check out the new strip! Sorry for the wait.


There's a new newsletter!


Just a quick message: I will now be trying to put out about 1 1/2 strips a week, meaning one every five days or so. By the way check out the new strip.


Well, I have a couple of new pictures on my pictures gallery, at the bottom of the page. Don't forget the new strip, enjoy.


Hello there! I have a new newsletter out for you to read! Don't forget to check out the new strip! Have fun!


Hi, this quick message is just to let you know that I have added a cool new feature to my characters page, check it out! Plus, a new newsletter will be out soon.


Hello, I've been gone for a while and wasn't able to upload before I left. What I've updated is strip 11-4 I've changed a panel, I redid strip 12-2 and added more detail, then of course there's a new strip! Enjoy!


I'm back already, I just wanted to tell you about a new picture on my Picture Gallery, have a look.


Hi, I have a new strip, and I also have a new newsletter. So check them out.


Hello, this is just a quick message telling you that I have some new links at the bottom of my authors page. Bye!


Hi, every one! It has been a little over a month since my last message. Since then I have put up more strips (I'm into page 11!!!), there is a new pic of me in the author page, I've made some graphical changes to my homepage, put up a new character profile, and there is a new newsletter! So, remember to check them all out, bye!


Well, it's '98! This month I have some new stuff. First I have a new strip . Next, I have an all new newsletter. I hope you enjoy them, next month I'll have a new character profile.


I'm back! I hope you all had a enjoyable holiday time. Well, this month I have a new strip for you, hope you enjoy. Next week when I upload it will be 1998, and I will have a new newsletter for you. By the way, the special Christmas strip is now in the Picture Gallery.


Well, it's December already! I am going to be taking a little break this month, at least until Christmas, to catch up on some drawings. I will have a new strip for you Christmas weekend, after Christmas. Don't worry though, I have prepared a special holiday strip for you.


Finally, the 3rd Newsletter is here! Also, after quite a while, the Rollins, Skinner, and Albert Character Profiles are here; plus a new strip!


Sorry about the delay with the newsletter and the character profiles. The newsletter and the real character profile of Rollins (maybe even Albert and Skinner) should all be out by next upload. So stay tuned; and in the meantime, check out the new strip!


In addition to a new strip, I have added something new to the site. Now when you load up a strip from the comics browser you might notice that there are some links below the strip. The first is: "Next Strip"; this will let you jump to the next strip without going back to the browser. The next link is: "The Browser"; this link just saves you the trouble of punching the "back" button.

Here, try it! You can even go through all the strips so far.

Page 1


My new newsletter is finally here after many problems! Check it out!


I have a new newsletter! So come on and see it. Of course I have a new strip! Don't forget to look at my new picture on the picture gallery!


What's new this week is a new strip, and don't forget to look at my new newsletter.

P.S. I won't mention each new strip in the messages each week. You will just have to check back each week. The update date is for the messages page.


Finally!!!! I have my first newsletter out! Come see it!!!!!! Don't forget, there is also a new strip!


Hello, I've returned. What's new is that I have a image link to my picture gallery on my homepage. Plus, on the picture gallery I have some pictures from my mountain trip. And also, you may notice that my "See this weeks strip" link on my homepage now will take you to the big strip.


Soon after I come back from this trip, I will hopefully put some pictures from my Outward Bound, backpacking trip! And give you a new strip in the progressive adventures of Chris and Walt! Later!

P.S. Don't fret, I'll have a newsletter out for you soon!

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