An Hour with the Sounds of the Early Twentieth Century...

Two-Minute Wax Cylinder Phonograph Recordings

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Volume 1    Volume 2

Compiled and edited by Glenn Sage

Click on either tape album image to see a list of wax cylinder selections and hear excerpts.

Enjoy an hour of two-minute wax cylinder phonograph music recorded on high-quality cassette tape. Although wax cylinders were originally recorded acoustically, they have been reproduced here directly from the original cylinders using an electronic means that captures all the available sound (see note 10).

Enjoy this music while working, driving or relaxing.

Music from a time when it seemed a little fun went a long way...

Each tape volume includes:
  • 28 two-minute wax cylinder selections -- one hour of music.
  • Recorded electronically directly from the original wax cylinders for the best possible sound (see note 10).
  • Selection notes & commentary, plus a brief history of wax cylinder recording.
  • High-quality cassette tape packaged in a handsome protective album.

Many of the recordings were selected for their highly catchy tunes:
You may find yourself unexpectedly humming or whistling tunes practically no one else knows!

These tape volumes are available for $12 each, plus $2 shipping and handling per order (US funds only). For your convenience, use the following order form:

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List of Two-Minute Wax Cylinder Selections

Variety: Volume 1

Click on the highlighted selection titles to hear an excerpt.

Side 1
Title Performed by Circa
Southern Smiles Two-stepEdison Military Band1904-1912
A Hundred Fathoms DeepFrank C. Stanley1902-1904
Golden TrumpetsAlbert Benzler1909-1912
I'm Afraid to Come Home in the DarkBilly Murray1908-1912
Our Victorious NationNew York Military Band1909-1912
Shepherds' DanceCharles D'Almaine1908-1912
Blue BellBell & Xylophone Duet1904-1912
DixieEdison Symphony Orchestra1907-1912
Old Faithful MarchEdison Military Band1907-1912
KillarneyJohn A. Finnigan1902-1909
Fun in a Barber ShopVess L. Ossman1908-1912
The Girl I Left Behind Me MedleyU.S. Marine Fife & Drum Corps1902-1904
Birds of Spring MazurkaEdison Symphony Orchestra1904-1912
Dance on Friday NightPeerless OrchestraJune 1900

Side 2
Hot Time MarchEdison Military Band1904-1912
Sunflower DanceFred Van Epps1908-1912
The Red Rose RagPremier QuartetteJan 1912
Pop Goes the Weasel MedleyCharles D'Almaine1904-1912
Any RagsArthur Collins1904-1912
Turkey in the Straw MedleyEdison Military BandMay 1904
(Descriptive Selection) The Dixie RubeEdison Military Band1906-1912
American PolkaJohn J. Gimble1908-1912
Jerusalem Mournin'Polk Miller and His Old South Quartette1910-1912
Georgia SunsetEdison Military Band1907-1912
He Never Even Said Good ByeAda Jones1907-1912
Dixie Blossoms (March and Two-step)Xylophone Solo1907-1909
Good-Night WaltzEdison Military Band1905-1912
Good Night, Mr. MoonCampbell & GilletteJune 1912

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List of Two-Minute Wax Cylinder Selections

Variety: Volume 2

Click on the highlighted selection titles to hear an excerpt.

Side 1
Title Performed by Circa
The St. Louis RagVess L. Ossman1904
Somebody Just Like YouManuel Romain1909-1912
She's Such a LoveAlbert Benzler1908-1912
Wild CherryNew York Military Band1909-1912
Under the Anheuser BushBilly Murray1904-1912
Flying Arrow (Indian Intermezzo)Edison Military Band1906-1912
Blue BellByron G. Harlan & Frank C. Stanley1904-1912
Polonaise MilitaireEdison Concert Band1906-1912
Is Everybody Happy MedleyEdison Military Band1906-1912
When You Know You're Not Forgotten by the Girl You Can't ForgetFrank C. Stanley1908-1912
Yale College Life MarchEdison Military Band1904-1912
To Your Health WaltzEdison Military Band1907-1912
Wedding of Uncle Josh and Aunt NancyCal Stewart1905
Liberty Bell MarchEdison Concert Band1896-1899

Side 2
Black Diamond Express MarchEdison Military Band1905-1912
Reed BirdArthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan1907-1912
Everybody Works But Father MedleyEdison Military Band1905-1912
The Uhlans' CallEdison Concert Band1907-1912
Street Piano Medley (see note 11)August Molinari1908-1912
Dixie Girl MarchEdison Concert Band1904-1912
Golden ArrowFrank Stanley & Henry Burr1909
Selection from Chimes of NormandyEdison Concert Band1905-1912
The Top Notch MarchEdison Military Band1908-1912
Wedding of the WindsEdison Concert Band1904-1912
March "Jose"Albert Benzler1907-1912
Mother's LullabyMatt Keefe & George M. Stricklett1908-1912
MinervaEdison Symphony Orchestra1908-1912
You're as Welcome as the Flowers in MayByron G. Harlan & Frank C. Stanley1904-1912

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A note to owners or collectors of brown wax cylinders: I am interested in recording electronically and cataloging brown wax cylinders. The process I use tracks very lightly upon the cylinders (less than 3 grams) and does not produce any shavings. As you can tell from the excerpts provided here, the sound quality is much greater than possible through a phonograph ... and these excerpts provide only a fair approximation to the actual sound quality achieved.

Here is the way it works: You mail your brown wax cylinders to me in small batches (preferably less than a dozen), I record & catalog them -- no charge; you receive back a high-quality tape recording of your cylinders, a listing, and the cylinders themselves. This hasn't happened yet, but if any cylinders are damaged or broken, all pieces will be returned. All I ask for is that you pay the shipping/insurance costs for the cylinders, and that I may retain a copy of the tape recordings to use perhaps in a future publication (with appropriate acknowledgements, unless you wish to be anonymous). If you think you may be interested in your collection being recorded in this manner, please contact me first with information concerning the quantity and condition of your collection. The process works equally well with concert (grand) cylinders.

Street Piano Medley: It would be facinating to learn how this recording was engineered. If you have any theories, I'd love to hear them!

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