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A fun-filled minstrel recording from 1908: the Jubilee Minstrels.

Jubilee Minstrels

Company Edison's National Phonograph Company
Cylinder # 9953
Category Minstrels
Title Jubilee Minstrels
Performed by Edison Minstrels
Circa October 1908
Announcement "The Jubilee Minstrels.   Edison record."

Enjoy this month's popular minstrel selection from Edison, squeezing into two minutes lots of laughs and featuring four of the biggest recording stars of the day: Arthur Collins, Byron G. Harlan, Billy Murray, and Steve Porter.

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9953   Jubilee Minstrels Edison Minstrels
    The curtain rises on "College Life," sung in real "rah! rah!" style by the entire company.   Then follows a volley of new and breezy jokes (no sign of a chestnut among them) by the Edison Company's famous coterie of minstrel men.   If there's anything in the saying, "It makes you smile to see others smile," this Record is due to score a huge success.   It's one endless succession of riotous fun with those king-pins of minstrelsy, Collins, Harlan, Murray and Porter, "whooping 'em up" to the last strains of the closing chorus, "I'm Happy When the Band Plays Dixie."   Arrangement original and not published.
— August 1908 Edison Phonograph Monthly [announcing the October records]

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