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Chris, is essentially the main character. He is kind of ageless in the sense that his age is never brought up, he has some childish looks , he also can drive, lives in an apartment, and has a job as a private investigator.

He is a kind, humble, intelligent, and quick thinking guy. He has a good sense of humor, loves his job, and never gives up. He loves to solve mysteries, and he doesn't always need to have a case brought to him to be able to stumble upon a mystery or adventure.

Rarely will he be caught going at a mystery alone; his best friend, Walt, is most always there to help him.

His usual wardrobe consists of a dark tan trench coat, yellow T-shirt, and blue jeans.

Aside from all these good things, he also has a few quirks, such as he seems to always have problems with electronic devices. He at times seems to have a string of bad things happen to him, but always ends up fine. He also gets quite nervous and clumsy when Jamie is around.

Because of Chris's agelessness, and neutral qualities, he and Walter, are open to a variety of endless adventures and fun.


Take someone who eats a lot, a wisecracker, an nice guy (that sometimes acts childish), a bit of a klutz, and you'll have Walter. He is the co-main character in The Adventures of Chris and Walt. Walt is an over-all nice guy who loves to eat, investigate, crack jokes, and have fun. He has a great sense of humor, and enjoys messing around.

Like Chris, he is also a P.I.; he and Chris like to work together on their cases. Walt is the comedy relief, and his sometimes bungling manner gets the Chris & Walter duo in sticky, and humorous predicaments. Even though he often messes things up, he sometimes finds valuable clues that save the day.

Walt's wardrobe consists of a light tan trenchcoat, light brown slacks, white formal shirt, and a red tie.

His favorite foods range from fried chicken, to chocolate pie. He sometimes can be found with a bucket of fried chicken in his coat pocket while working on a case.

Walt may be one of the stranger characters, but he sure adds to the fun of the stories.


Albatross Skinner, or just plain Skinner, as he likes to be called is the police sergeant. As guessed, he has a lot of power in the police system. So he is able to help Chris and Walt in their investigations, by providing them with things like police files and information. Skinner sometimes will even get cases for them having to do with some police investigations. Things such as shadowing people,and getting information.

Aside from being a major help to Chris and Walt he is also their friend. Skinner has a short temper; so it's a good idea not to get him mad. He's not violent, but he often over-reacts.


Albert is the director of the towns largest museum. The museum features historical things ranging form art, to diamonds.

Albert also is an inventor, he invents all sorts of gadgets. And No, he doesn't invent massive death ray guns for Chris and Walt; he usually invents things having to do with his museum. Such as security.

He too is a friend of Chris and Walt. He most always can be found at his museum inventing something new or planning a new exhibit. He always has his white lab coat on, except at some formal occasions.


Rollins is a friend of Chris and Walt. He is also the star reporter for the "Daily Informant". He often helps Chris and Walt with their cases. Basically, he is their connection to the media; he can connect to inside information.
Rollins can often be found working away on a story. He usually reports on criminal activity.
He wears a brown suit, and a black tie. He is one of Chris and Walt's biggest help in their investigations.


Dag Horton is a new member of the police's investigation branch. Chris and Walt are not on the good side of that branch, because the they often cross path in investigations, and are always competing. Skinner doesn't have to much faith in the investigative branch (that is why he often gets Chris and Walt's help), but for procedure reasons he's forced to call upon the branch.

Back to Dag. He is a tough, abrasive, to the point kind of guy, but he's also reasonable. He will often be competing with Chris and Walt in their investigations, and he doesn't really like private investigators because of their sometimes odd methods of investigating.

He's always wearing a dark coat, a cap, and sometimes shades.


Roberts is a newer member of the police force. While he may not play a huge part in the story, he is, however, a huge help sometimes to Chris and Walt. If Chris and Walt need information and Skinner is in a bad mood, Roberts is the man they come to. Aside from his police work, he is nice guy. He is quite casual, but always in line. He likes Chris and Walt because when he first came to town Chris and Walt befrended him.

Jaime too is in the police force. That main thing that separates he from being just like Roberts (other than gender), is her affect on Chris. She is smart and helps Chris and Walt too, but when Chris is around her, he gets quite nervous, and becomes clumsy. She is a nice person, and enjoys her work. She has been with the force for many years, and knows what's going on.

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